Most people in internal audit focus a lot of time and energy on technical skills, ignoring soft-skills since those are just “touchy-feely” topics anyway that aren’t that important in internal audit. Think again. You will still get ignored no matter how technically competent you are. The key to being heard and moving to trusted advisor status is through developing soft-skills.

Internal audit can also be a dangerous profession (and I’m not talking about paper cuts). Learn how you can stay out of harm’s way.

Make sure to join me for the breakout session at IIA International Conference on “How to Become a More Mindful and Emotionally Intelligent Leader” on Tuesday, 9 July at 12:45. If you’d like to have a mini-interview that will appear on a future episode, make sure to message me on LinkedIn, e-mail me, or stop by the Unified Compliance booth in the exhibit hall, where I’ll be hanging out.

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