George Bernard Shaw said “life is not about understanding yourself, life is about creating yourself” and that is the subject of my jam session with Jerome “Romey” Wade.

If you are like most people, at inflection points in your life you want to understand yourself better or understand “why” life might deal you the proverbial shit sandwich. What if life has nothing to do with understanding, but instead about getting crystal clear and specific about the life and things you want to create based on #WhatInspiresMe?

How can you re-invent your life, find yourself again, and create a better life from your higher self? Well, that is exactly what we tackle in this episode. So what ever you do, listen to this entire episode and then share with your friends and family… since this is a topic that impacts everyone.

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Jerome Wade, CSP, is an author, international speaker, and an advisor to executives and sales professionals. With nearly 30 years of C-Suite experience, Jerome masterfully guides clients and audiences through their biggest challenges to achieve their greatest dreams.

And he’s a good friend of mine that I #love 🙂

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