If I could save time in a bottle, ahhh those beautiful words from Jim Croce. Problem is you can’t. The one thing all humans have an equal amount of is time … the challenge for most of us it just keeps slipping, slipping away and we wake up years later in exactly the same place.

The quality of your life depends on the choices you make and how you “take” time. It’s time to quit complaining or thinking you don’t “have enough time” or “now is not a good time.” TODAY is the best day to start making changes and take the time to have a better life.

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Oh, and for those of you that enjoy it, the guitar comes out again in this episode 🙂

One thing that is slipping, slipping away is your ability to join the Chief Audit Executive Forum. If you are a #chiefauditexecutive and ready to take your career to the limit in a community of like-minded peers, book your call and join the #CAE Forum: https://jasonmefford.mykajabi.com/caeforum

Your career will thank you, and so will your sanity.


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