VIP Are you an Audit Leader?

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Are you and Audit Leader?

The reason I ask is so many people who listen to the podcast work in audit or are leaders.

If you are an Audit Leader there are a couple of opportunities you will want to take advantage of.

If you aren’t, skip down to the end of this email.

OK, so if you’re an Audit Leader you might not know about the Audit Leader Forum or the Certified Chief Audit Executive (cCAE) certification, and you probably should.

Why? So you can have these kind of results:

“I’ve been officially promoted to the audit leader role to head the Internal Audit department at my company… Couldn’t have done it without you! My growth during the last six months since I found your podcast, the Forum, and the Certified Chief Audit Executive (cCAE) course has been nothing short of incredible!” – Audit Leader Forum Member

“There isn’t anyone else in my organization I can turn to when I need help. If I did my peers will think I’m weak and don’t know what I’m talking about. I can’t even talk to my friends and family because they don’t understand what I’m going through. The stress and pressure can be a lot to take sometimes. I’m so glad I found like minded peers in this group. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.” Audit Leader Forum Member

I only open enrollment in the Audit Leader Forum a couple times a year, and NOW IS THAT TIME!

Learn more and join at:

And if you are currently a Chief Audit Executive, or want to become one, the cCAE course may be exactly right for you. Since cRisk Academy is offering a $1,000 discount on this course for the next 10 days, this just may be the right time for you to get into that program too. Here’s the special link for you to save the $1,000:

If you’ve listened to me for a while, you are aware of how important Influence can be on your life and career.

Influence is a big part professional success, and many people confuse it with coercion or manipulation, but Influence is not a negative thing, in fact becoming an influential person comes from a place of goodness within ourselves.

Whether you realize it or not, building success and happiness is rooted in Influence. Whether it be you influencing others, or others influencing you.

So tune in to this week’s Jamming with Jason episode with my special guest and friend Brian Ahearn and learn how to build more fulfilling connections with others. “Professional Success and Personal Happiness with Brian Ahearn”

Listen in at:

and when you do, you will find the keys to your professional success and your personal happiness.

Until next week,

Get a VIP backstage pass and behind the scenes information when you join the VIP Lounge with Jason Mefford:

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