VIP There is a lot of power in music.

How many times have you felt your emotions swell up when you watched a movie?

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious brain is picking up on the music in the background of movies that helps you feel certain emotions and take you along in the story.

Sad parts of a movie usually have sad music playing, which leads us to feel sad at that point, often to the point of tears (yes, it’s true I cry while watching some movies). The happy or epic parts of movies have happy or epic music.

If music can have such a powerful influence on us subconsciously, what if we could use music to our advantage?

Did you know you can do that?

Every day I listen to a music playlist to help me wake up, get me pumped up to start my work day, and another to help me relax and fall asleep at night.

You can use music to manage your emotional state, which is one reason why I incorporate music into so much of what I do.

This week is a fun Jamming with Jason podcast episode “The Power of Music with Joseph Young.” Not only do I get to talk about music (which I love), and I also connect with a childhood friend who is an award winning musician, Joseph L. Young.

Joseph’s exquisite melodies are brought forth with interweaving interplay between instruments and a sense of deep passion and feeling. His compositions are truly world-fusion music, grounded in the past, created for today’s listeners and reflecting a heart-touching spirituality. The music is often soft and gentle, with light rhythm, perfect for relaxation, healing, slow exercise or touch therapies. But the melodies and arrangements are also designed for active listening and contain developments that reward, engage and entertain upon close study. His songs have been hailed as healing, inspiring and beautifully haunting, transporting the listener on a personal journey to other worlds.

As a versatile and gifted multi-instrumentalist, he combines the ancient with the contemporary to create music which reaches beyond the boundaries typically expected in the new age and world music genres.

One of his goals is to make “music without boundaries” which offers a universal sound that everyone can enjoy. Another of his goals, he says, “is to help people work through their emotions, releasing the negative as they grow and change, and serving as a catalyst to help with their transformation.”

You can see why I like Joseph and his music so much.

Whatever you do, check out Joseph’s music on Apple, Pandora, Spotify, pretty much anywhere you can listen to music and his website:

When you do, you will see the power music can have on your emotions, mindfulness, and help you transform you life.

So take a few minutes today and listen to this amazing episode at: where you will also get access to a sampling of Joseph’s music.

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