My team is wrapping up our work on the 2020 CAE Survey so you will see those results LATER THIS WEEK, followed by a more detailed guide on how to move from being a cost center to an investment center in your organization.

In this week’s video I give you a sneak peek into some of the results you will find in the 2020 CAE Survey report and video you will gain access to later this week.

Be on the lookout for another email from me this week letting you know it’s ready.

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00:00:01.079 –> 00:00:11.429
Jason Mefford: Welcome everybody to another episode of The chief audit executive briefing, hey, this week I want to talk to you a little bit about the chief executive survey.

00:00:12.000 –> 00:00:22.170
Jason Mefford: So back in January sent out a message had a lot of people respond back. We’ve been collecting the data and this week we’re going to release those results.

00:00:22.560 –> 00:00:29.490
Jason Mefford: So first off to everybody here on the briefing, you will have first access to that information.

00:00:30.300 –> 00:00:40.920
Jason Mefford: So be watching your email for later this week there’s going to be a message with a link for you to be able to go out and download the report.

00:00:41.370 –> 00:00:49.560
Jason Mefford: So we’re just putting a couple finishing touches on the report and there’s also going to be a corresponding video that I’m going to do as well.

00:00:50.100 –> 00:00:57.000
Jason Mefford: Where I’m going to talk about and kind of get into more detail about some of these different areas now.

00:00:57.510 –> 00:01:05.100
Jason Mefford: I’ll show you right now I’ve got some little charts here that are going to end up into it and I just wanted to kind of give you a little

00:01:05.490 –> 00:01:13.080
Jason Mefford: Little bit of an overview, a little bit of a sneak peek of what you’re going to see later this week now.

00:01:13.680 –> 00:01:21.390
Jason Mefford: The way I’m releasing it is actually I’ve created a free course so anybody who is on the chief audit executive briefing.

00:01:21.990 –> 00:01:36.420
Jason Mefford: Can have access to this course. What it has is all of the archives of the different briefings we’ve done so far as well as different resources and things like this. Like the chief audit executive survey for 2020

00:01:37.020 –> 00:01:50.790
Jason Mefford: That you can go out and look at the video and download the report directly from that online course. So this does a couple things. It makes sure that only people who are supposed to get it can get it, which is important.

00:01:51.960 –> 00:01:58.290
Jason Mefford: Because I want you to have access to it and not everybody to be able to grab it off of a website somewhere.

00:01:59.400 –> 00:02:06.150
Jason Mefford: The other thing is, I know many of you do not have time each week to go through and take a look at the emails.

00:02:06.480 –> 00:02:13.950
Jason Mefford: So this course actually like it said it’s an archive of all the different briefings. If you want to go back and watch one again.

00:02:14.400 –> 00:02:24.300
Jason Mefford: Take a look at some of that stuff. All of that will be there as well as resources like the survey. Now I talked to you before about. I’m also working on a

00:02:25.260 –> 00:02:34.110
Jason Mefford: Report right now on how to get budget and resources, that’s another example of these type of documents that are going to end up

00:02:34.530 –> 00:02:50.940
Jason Mefford: In that course. So if you haven’t already down below in the email is the link for you to be able to go out, sign up for that free class. You just have to register and the course will be in your profile there so you can actually take a look at that.

00:02:52.260 –> 00:03:00.000
Jason Mefford: So again, want to make sure that you know that they’ll also be a link in the email that will go out this week, but I just want to make sure everybody was aware of that.

00:03:00.570 –> 00:03:09.480
Jason Mefford: Now as I’ve gone through and looked at it. There’s some pretty clear, clear things that we see from this as far as top challenges and top opportunities.

00:03:10.080 –> 00:03:20.340
Jason Mefford: So on the challenges side, there were two specific things that were by and far some of the biggest things that you are concerned about as being challenges for this.

00:03:21.030 –> 00:03:32.100
Jason Mefford: Excuse me, in one we’ve already started to talk about, which is budget and resources and you’re going to have to wait until later on this week to learn about the second one is that we’re going to start talking about as well.

00:03:33.180 –> 00:03:45.210
Jason Mefford: Now, as far as the top opportunities, you know, again, there was a little bit more of a distribution on this, but the biggest one is the opportunity to show the value of advisory work.

00:03:45.690 –> 00:03:53.310
Jason Mefford: In your organization. So we’re going to spend some more time talking about that as well. Like I said, some of that will be in the survey report itself.

00:03:53.820 –> 00:04:00.930
Jason Mefford: There’s I’ll actually record some things coming to you on future episodes of the chief audit executive briefing.

00:04:01.590 –> 00:04:12.600
Jason Mefford: So with that, I’m going to kind of cut it off this week because I got to go back to finishing all the reports so you can get it this week, so make sure to check for your email this week to be able to see the

00:04:13.830 –> 00:04:19.650
Jason Mefford: Chief audit executive survey results. Take care. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you next week.

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