If you ask over 1,000 #internalaudit groups what they are doing different based on the changes we’ve seen in 2020, what do you think you would find?
Well in this #jammingwithjason episode I’m talking with Colleen Knuff from Wolters Kluwer TeamMate about the research they have collected and what insights it can tell us about the current and future state of internal audit and the direction you should be taking.

Listen in at: http://www.jasonmefford.com/jammingwithjason/ to learn more about: 1. continuous risk assessments, 2. adopting an agile audit approach, 3. increasing the use of data analytics.

Here are a couple of things you can start doing now.

  1. Get more continuous in your risk assessment and linking what you do to the key objectives of your organization. Learn how here: https://ondemand.criskacademy.com/p/certified-risk-based-internal-auditor-crbia/?affcode=105582_jpp6czlf
  2. Get more agile in your internal audit approach. Learn how here: https://ondemand.criskacademy.com/p/caap/?affcode=105582_jpp6czlf
  3. Learn how to start incorporating more data analytics in your work: https://ondemand.criskacademy.com/courses/category/data-analytics

To participate in the Touchstone Research for Internal Audit, visit:

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