You probably aren’t a professional speaker speaking on stages to thousands of people, but whether you realize it or not you are #speaking all the time. How you speak can have a positive or negative impact on your career. Ever had to give a presentation in a staff meeting, give a report to the board of directors, do a live video on #socialmedia, or even talk to another person one-on-one?

You are a speaker and may not have realized it. You also have a unique story that only you can share, that the world is dying to hear, and only you can impact people with your story.

If you are like most people, you are probably a little terrified about opening your mouth and sharing your story, which is why I am excited to talk with my friend Laure-Ann Murabito.

Laurie-Ann is a reformed painfully shy gal who started 3 successful businesses from the ground up, has 2 best selling books and years of coaching executives and leaders… and is an award-winning speaker, and Speaking Strategist.

She shares some ways to feel more confident when you speak, how to tell a story, and just making it fun, plus a whole lot more. As you listen to this episode there will be at least one thing that is exactly what you need to hear today and give you the #confidence to speak up and stand out in your life and career.

Learn more about Laurie-Ann at: and listen to her podcast “Be In Demand with Laurie-Ann”