A recently released study from the AICPA and NC State show that despite the constant drumbeat for improving and formalizing risk management processes, most organizations are still way behind in their efforts. When 60% agree the volume and complexity or risk have changed extensively over the last five years, and 65% of boards are call for “somewhat” to “extensively” increasing managment involvement in risk oversight, why aren’t more organizations on board with implementing ERM (only 34% have “mature” or “robust” oversight)? We’ll unpack the results of the study, discuss some of the reasons and implications this has on organizations, internal audit, and how to use ERM as a strategic advantage.

Jason Mefford is joined by Joseph McCafferty, Editor & Publisher of Internal Audit 360 who recently reported on this study in an article. https://internalaudit360.com/

You can access Joe’s article “Report: Companies Lad on Improving Risk Management” at https://internalaudit360.com/report-companies-lag-on-improving-risk-management-programs/

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