What do I do when I see a friend’s name in the credits of a movie I just watched?

Reach out, re-connect, and record a #jammingwithjason #podcast episode with him, since that’s just how I roll.

This episode will have you laughing the whole way through since my friend Eric Howell Sharp (Sharpo!®) is not only hilarious, but a deep thinking and wise man. Learn how he went from a bullied child to an acclaimed performer and entertainer spreading joy along the way.

Here’s just a small smattering of what’s in this episode: the older you get the smaller your problems, living in a fish bowl, the reality we are presented with isn’t reality, getting out of fear, being the sunshine to someone’s day, pulling yourself up to start again, casting directors in your life, along with plenty of pop-culture and movie references, cards, jokes, and even a “that’s what she said” reference.

The fact that you are reading this means there is something in this episode you need to hear today, so tune in at: https://www.jasonmefford.com/jammingwithjason254/

Sharpo!® began his entertainment career in 1989. This distinguished performer has co-starred as an actor in several primetime network television roles and films and has also appeared in quite a few commercials. Sharpo!® has written, produced and performed his acclaimed mystery & magic show since 2004 for countless parties, events and dinner theater productions including events on stage at the Shrine Auditorium, onboard The Queen Mary, The Peller theater in the Magic Castle (and other impromtu sets for his special guests), onstage at The El Cid Dinner Theater on Sunset Blvd, Le Chene in Santa Clarita and many many more fabulous venues.

Sharpo!® is also a Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Learn more and reach out to Eric at: https://sharpo.com/ and on #socialmedia

Tune into this episode at: https://www.jasonmefford.com/jammingwithjason254/